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All the other reviews that you will find for Atlas service are either fake or from people who have not filed claim.. or seems to be given by HCCMIS people themselves..

If you were to file a claim.. They will respond to you after a year when the hospital were to already send the matter to collection.. the whole turn around period has been around 1 year.. They denied the claim after 1 year of beating around the bush stating " This condition is not covered due to Pre-existing limitation".

It had no further communication what so ever, they did not even send the explanation of benefit under which it was denied. HCCMIS – Atlas program is really a horrible program from a horrible company.. there is no point buying an insurance when you need it, and its not there even though you pay so much.. They will keep delaying the paper work..

saying we have not received paper work from hospital only after a year they will say we have rejected the claim.. I read other cases too where real people really struggled with claim settlement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hccmis Claim.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Try contacting:

Wheeler Law Firm

Joseph Wheeler

Seattle, WA, USA

Call us: 888-705-6775

Email us: He is helping me with my case against HCC

to Anonymous Kirkland, Washington, United States #1352209


I am having issues with similar situations. Can you tell me how I could participate, they are not paying my ER bill which was due not to preexisting condition. But they are claiming it is preexisting and I thought by new laws insurance company cannot say that any more?


I am in a similar situation. Can you please tell how did you end up getting this resolved?

I can use some help. Thanks!


All I can say is I am having the same problems everyone has posted on here. Claims being denied, run around about documents needed to approve claims.

I have documented everything phone calls emails and provided everything they have asked for. I am told I can't talk to a claim adjustor and or even supervisor. Escalations have been submitted with no follow up calls from them. I was told the legal department would call me, after a week of no call I followed up.

I was then told their legal will only talk to my attorney. I am at a complete loss now. I am handling this for my father. This is his policy he had a massive heartattack in August.

I have shielded him from this stress so he could recover. But now his Drs want payment as they are due. Has anyone had any sucesse? What I am reading is very discouraging with the Drs bills piling up I am worried they will now refuse treatment.

He purchased insurance to cover events like this. Anyone have tips, advise on how to resolve this?

San Jose, California, United States #973845

Filing lawsuit early in may of this year for breach of the contract and fraud. This company is absolute scambags, avoid dealing with them at all costs.

to Ilya #1018354

I have a lawyer and another outraged consumer of HCC in Colorado has a lawyer trying to file a class action suit. Lisa Halas

to Anonymous Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1125256

I am interested in joining to the class action suit

to yaya #1135809

i will be interested in joining the lawsuit too

San Mateo, California, United States #965011

HCCMIS has a facebook page, please go and log your complains on that page...

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #960966

total scam. and i got the same *** in the email : " This condition is not covered due to Pre-existing limitation". without any other information

Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #925989

*** pigs! Customer service is just a pack of scammers, the whole company seams to be a scam. I will have to sue them this year.

Farmington, Michigan, United States #922771

They are a total scam as others have mentioned. I have been following up with them for almost a year.

Now they say they cannot give me any information since the service was for my father and they need to be HIPAA compliant.

Total scam. Stay away at all costs !!

The Colony, Texas, United States #915957

this company is a scam. Everything I call them for is not covered.

Cedar Hill, Texas, United States #881768

I visited CareNow clinic recently (Sept 2014) for either a sinus infection or treatment for allergies. This was the first occasion to use my new insurance with HCC which was purchased in May 2014.

Nearly 4 weeks after the CareNow visit, they sent me a letter requesting additional information about my visit and that if I failed to respond within 30days, payment of my claim would be denied. My initial thought was this was the first time an insurance company needed additional details concerning a doctor's visit for a sinus infection/allergies. I responded in as much detail as possible.

My gut feeling indicated this was not normal and it has been nagging at me so when I awoke this morning I got on Google to research HCC and everything I see is very negative. I gather from these comments that it is unlikely the outcome will be positive so I will be calling HCC today to confirm receipt (or non-receipt) of my written response to them, and after holding on the phone for hours (as I'm certain I will be),I will also be cancelling my insurance via a certified letter.

Plano, Texas, United States #874363

Same as everybody, after 6 months they replied saying that they needed the complete medical record of my daughter, the clinic is already billing me because they have not received any answer from this HCC (so am I). I tried to contact by phone 1 hour on the phone and nobody answered, through the chat 2 hours with this message "An agent will be with you momentarily.

There are currently 1 members ahead of you." IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with them, they just drag their feet sending letters and do nothing, I have been robbed all this time. FAKE company!!!


I wish I had seen this blog before I bought the insurance for my mother in law. After going back and forth for paperwork for more than 6 months for an ER visit, the insurance comes back with "This condition is not covered due to Pre-existing limitation".

If you need to buy insurance, please do yourself and your loved one a favor, DON'T BUY insurance from HCCMIS. I would like to ask other victims on this forum, is there compliance/consumer board or any other forum where I can file a formal complain against HCCMIS?

to Dinesh Schenectady, New York, United States #909666

Hi Dinesh,

I am also facing the same issue. I tooK insurance for my dad who came from India to US for visit.

After coming here , he got hip pain. We went to doctor and he prescribed medicines. But HCC declined the claim saying that as "pre existing" condition. I called customer care and they told as they cant do anything with this.

I am really fed up with this insurance.

Its a waste of money and its BULL ***.

I advice people not to take any insurance from HCC..... Its FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!


Another Victim

Same here. I cancelled my policy before the end period when my claim was pending.

They said that they cannot refund for the remaining period since there was claim. Later they came back and rejected my claim stating pre-existing condition.

I think we should escalate it in facebook and twitter and make them realize that what they are doing is not really correct.


Same here, We bought the insurance for two years, the first year was fine simply because my mother was fine during the time she visited. The second year, she went to urgent care once and HCC then use different reasons to not play anything for the cost.

Don't buy insurance from HCC group, this is a fake insurance!!!!!! It just cheats your money and will not pay a penny for your medical cost.

Kailua, Hawaii, United States #834056

I agree, I purchased medical insurance from them because there was a gap in my work after I got sick. HCC is the closest thing to a "legal scam".

They did not cover even 1 single claim that I sent in over 6 months, including an MRI my doctor ordered because of the potential of a tumor. NO ONE SHOULD EVER PURCHASE INSURANCE FROM HCC.

They ruined my finances and made my health worse because I realized I couldn't get any coverage for the treatment I needed. If I wasn't so sick, I would pursue legal recourse against them.

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